How the Government Helps

Psalm 60:11 Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man People get into office and stay in office by giving the perception that they are helping you. Or that they care. So let’s look at how they hood wink you into believing this. Two examples. First create a panic over the environment. So we must help mother Earth. No thanks I worship God the Father. So a large number of coal fired electric generators are closed down or converted to gas burning or wind power. These cost money and lots of it and coal miners and often a whole community lose their lively Hood. Now the less affluent can not afford utilities because the company must offset the cost of conversion.So the ever loving government raises taxes to subsidize the bills and pay unemployment.

Two. Create a panic over a normal disease. Close down the country and economy to “save lives”. Now no one has money and the economy is about to tank. To the rescue. Give out stimulus checks. Just print up the money. Ok the disaster is over but can be brought back at a moment’s notice in the name of almighty science. What! Now there is inflation! How will we ever cure this? Vain is the help of man. Vote them all out the cast all your cares upon God for he careth for you.

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