My Breathing and My Cry

Lamentations​ 3:55-56 I called upon thy name, O LORD, out of the low dungeon. Thou hast heard my voice: hide not thine ear at my breathing, at my cry. I want you to know that God can hear you. Often in life we need help that mankind cannot give. Sometimes I meet with someone who obviously is not interested in the Gospel, so I will leave them something to read and tell them, you may not be interested in God now but a time will come when you need him, and you can read this then. Sometimes when we pray God does not move as fast as we desire, or in the direction we believe He should go. But in over forty years of serving the Lord I have seen that I am getting what I deserve or getting something better. Sometimes like Job God wants to see if you will love him anyway, or that your faith is based on His Word and not on sight. But if you are in any distress or discouragement, I want you to know God can hear. In this passage note that the call is made from a dungeon. A low dungeon. Yet the man that offered this prayer got to write it down and the Lord God Almighty preserved it to be read to this day. God can hear your voice. Scientist say that the voice has a pattern as distinct as a finger print. When God hears you He recognizes your voice. Out of all the billions on this Earth, He knows and desires to hear from you. He can hear your cry. Now cry in the Bible is used in the sense of lifting up your voice, but don’t despair, he also hears the voice of your weeping. One of my favorite preachers of history was a man called Shouting Bray. People would ask why he prayed so loud, for God is not deaf. He would respond, neither is the Devil but his crowd makes quite a noise. Sometimes I can get to an isolated area when something disturbs me greatly and cry out to God, because He is the only one interested in hearing me any way and only He can answer my prayer or comfort me that everything is going according to His plan. But not only does he hear your voice and your cry and your weeping (Psalm 6:8) but Praise the Lord He hears your breathing! How often have I heard that phrase, breath out a prayer. Look up the times where sighing is in the Scripture. How about that song Whisper a prayer in the morning, whisper a prayer at noon, whisper a prayer in the evening to keep your heart in tune. Oh look at Genesis 24:45 And before I had done speaking in mine heart…. Oh God can hear a prayer not spoken by the lips! He can hear groaning that cannot be uttered. And he can hear, help, and answer every prayer, voice, cry, tear, breathing and thought or groaning in whatever language at whatever time all at the same time. What a wonderful God we have. I don’t glorify Him near enough. I hope this has been an encouragement and a blessing to you. Maybe it can help a friend in need. I will leave with one more thing PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.

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