Percolator Religion

Psalms 141:2 Let my prayer be set forth before the as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice. As you may guess from a previous blog I am a fan of coffee. As a child (born in ’60) my mother would make coffee in a percolator. Now we were told not to drink coffee or it would stunt our growth so I didn’t drink coffee til I joined the Navy. I still only reached 5’3″! But true worship is sadly lacking in church service. God deserves much better than what we give Him and I would like to take the percolator to teach a lesson on worship. First God wants to be worshipped in spirit and in truth. So a service devoid of Scriptural preaching is out. Also if the music appeals to the flesh and not the spirit it does not please God. So if you leave a church service with the same pleasure you get at a worldly concert you have not worshipped God right. But if you go to a service that puts the main emphasis on YOU and not on GOD you have not worshipped God right. So let’s go to the lowly coffee pot and learn a lesson. First we get the pot, the intention to meet with God. Either alone or with brethren, both are required. Never do one to the exclusion of the other. Next we add cold water. We get cold through the week because of the opposition of the world, the flesh and the Devil​. “Poor is the worship of my heart/And cold my warmest part/But when I see Thee as thou art/I will love The as I ought.” Next we add that wonderful smelling grounds to the top. Like Peter sinking in the water Jesus wants to lift man to His level, not for man to bring God down to his. We put the contraption together and nothing happens. Don’t let that be your next church service. If no one else is doing their duty you do yours. You know what we need next. We need heat! A soul stirring, spirit warming, hymn is sung that lifts our thoughts to the Saviour. A prayer is made from the heart, welcoming Christ to the service. Behold I stand at the door and knock. Too often Jesus stands outside and is never welcomed in. I have my boys open the door and we stand and bow to the Guest of Honor. If Christ doesn’t show up stay at home and watch television, it will do the same bad for you. Someone gives a testimony of the wonderful things God has done. The water begins to boil. Another song is sung. Men begin to raise their hands. Women begin to weep. The Amen corner begins to shout. There is more singing and lifting up of the Lord God Almighty. The preacher has freedom and preaches against sin. People repent. They “Turn their eyes upon Jesus/Look full in his wonderful face/Then the things of earth will grow strangely dim/In the light of His glory and grace. The water is bubbling through the glass and getting darker and more flavorful, the aroma is pervading the whole building and reaching up to Heaven! Confession is made to God, and He freely forgives because of the blood of Jesus Christ. There is shouting and singing and we can all say it was good to be in the house of the Lord! Then you will be a cup running over with a good tasting drink that pleases God. God bless.

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