Coffee and War

Just for​ fun. During the Middle Ages the Crusades were launched. Only the First was successful. Why? Because the European were drinking wine and the Turks were drinking coffee. Movements were in the works for greater liberty in Europe but came to nothing. Why? The folk would meet in the ale house​, get drunk, curse the government, then sleep it off. But then the coffee house came to Europe and the people were awake enough to plan and carry out their revolution. England decided to drink tea rather than coffee and so did the colonies. When England taxed the tea we went to coffee and whipped them. Twice.The came the War between the States. The South was beating the Yankee Invaders in the field at every turn. So Lincoln turned to the Navy to cut off our supply of coffee.We tried chicory,okra seeds, and roasted rye, but you just can’t replace good old coffee. Once the coffee was out of our system the Yanks won, even though it took a 16 to 1 ratio. Then came WWI. The English were still drinking tea, the Germans were drinking beer, the French wine, and the Russians vodka.It was a complete stalemate until, you guessed it, the coffee drinking Americans came “over there”. WWII came, and the English were still drinking tea, the Germans beer, the French wine, and the Russians vodka. Added to the mix were tea drinking Japanese. So the Americas doubled down on our coffee drinking and won a TWO FRONT war. Yes since the Boston tea party when Americans began drinking coffee we have never lost a war. Energy drinks won’t do it, you need coffee. Oh did you know that once the rum ration was replaced with coffee the U.S. Navy was able to get rid of flogging?

Like I said​, this is just for fun. Victory in battle comes from the Lord. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. Psalm 20:7.

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