When God’s Rule is Rejected

I Samuel 8: And he said, This shall be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your son’s…

In this passage Samuel warns the children of Israel what will happen if they reject the freedom in God’s rule to get the bondage of man’s rule. Six times in this passage they are warned that the king will take. And when the Bible is rejected the people give up freedom and invite bondage. America has given up home rule (States Rights) and received federal dictatorship. We have given up right to the fruit of our labor and received an income tax. We have given up our names and replaced them with social security numbers​. We have given up property ownership for 50 year mortgage and​ reverse mortgage and property tax. We have given up our children and received the DHS. We have given up our faces and received masks. Talk is in the wind of giving up travel for vaccines. We have given up gender and received confusion. We have given up marriage and received neurosis. Let’s do like Jacob and go back to Bethel, the place he met God. Back to the Bible. Read it for a while and turn off the gadgets and see what life can and should be like and forsake the status quo.

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