The Heart of an Atheist

Psalm 53:1 The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. The last two weeks I have spoken with atheists while street preaching. Last week I dealt with the foolishness​ of atheism, this week I will deal with the heart. I spoke and listened to a young man about his rejection of the Bible and religion in general. Neither of us was angry at the other nor demeaning nor disrespectful, and it was clear what each of us believed and why. While he did believe evolution as all atheists must, the actual reason for his disbelief is much deeper, and is the reason I have seen for all people who become atheists. It is an issue of the heart. In Romans 10:10 we are told For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. This young man said the problem he has with the Bible is that he is the problem and the only way he can solve it is to come to God and only the God of the Bible and upon his terms. He is angry that God tells him that he is a sinner and that Jesus Christ is his only Saviour. Remember Peter? Why did he deny Jesus? Not from fear, he stepped out of his ship to walk on water in a raging storm. He was full of personal courage. He was angry. He was going to rescue Jesus from the crucification with one​ of the two swords the Lord told them to carry when Jesus told him to put up his sword in his sheath and further took away his personal glory by repairing the damage Peter had done in healing the man’s ear! A man I know often speaks to Jewish atheists who after awhile of intense anger and yelling admit that as a nation God is angry with them. My desire for these men I have spoken to is that they get reconciled to God and forgiven through the blood of Jesus Christ. Oh incidentally, he had a Bible app on his phone and wanted to show me contradiction in the Scripture but when I looked the verses up and showed him in the King James Bible they did not contradict and on showing him a certain doctrine his translation didn’t have it. A Christian can be no better than the Bible he uses!

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