Should a Preacher Support Texit?

John 11:48 If we let him thus alone, all men will follow him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation. It is interesting to note that the nation of Israel rejects their king, who could have set up this earthly kingdom up to the point of Stephen, and trusts a foreign power to give them power to exist. The preachers of the American Independence era freely preached that the war was just. Many took up arms in battle and gave their lives so that no governmental power could control the pulpit. Up until the church registration movement, with it’s 501c3, churches regularly preached against government wickedness. When needing guidance on recognizing the State of Israel President Truman consulted a preacher, J. Frank Norris. Now is the time for Texas Independence. I will give a few reasons why the men of God in my State as well as pastor’s of all our States should support the movement. It is first to be remembered that we are 50 independent nations bond by a contract called the Constitution. If a contract is violated the signer is no longer bound by its terms. And even the most casual reading will admit that the terms are violated every session of Congress! Now as to the reasons. Remember O’Hare? No more prayer in government schools. Where did this case originate? Texas. And the Supreme Court (9 men) overthrew the will of the millions in our state without a constitutional reason and in defiance of previous decisions on this subject. How about Roe vs Wade? Yes, Texas again. Once again a tyrant of nine men overthrew our murder laws, the province and right of the States. The sodomy law? Once again from Texas. Now no one wants anyone spying on what is done in your house but it was an effective law for convicting child molesters. And that is the next group seeking recognition. How about David Koresh? His group was attacked by armed military! Do I believe as he did? No. Was he guilty of some of the charges against him? Probably. But that is a civil matter, a state matter and not a military dictatorship issue. And it violated the first amendment, as well as Constitutional safe guards against the federal government having troops fire on the citizens. How about the open rioting going on around our nation. I mean Texas is a law and order State. Don’t forget at these riots (not protests) Bibles and American flags are burned. Another one​ of our laws overturned by the Supreme Court. Texas had a law forbidding the desecration of the flag and objects held sacred. There are many more reasons to support a peaceful exit from the Union, but these should suffice. But never forget that more important will be church exit from this world when our Lord Jesus Christ comes for His own and let’s the Devil’s crowd have this Earth for seven years then sets up His kingdom! If you are not saved prepare to meet thy God!

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