A New Year’s Resolution​

I Timothy 4:13 Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. Very often on New Year’s people make a resolution to read the Bible completely through. There are many programs and computer apps to help with this. Most often I just start at the beginning and read straight through. But here are some thoughts on the annual reading. First you really don’t have a grasp of the Bible as a whole until about the fourth or fifth time of reading the entirety. Also with this much practice Bible reading gets easier. The next time you may want to concentrate on Biblical divisions, also called Dispensations. After that you may wish to read it devotionally. The next time look for doctrines or a particular doctrine. Don’t forget to look and see if your beliefs are at variance with the Scripture and repent of wrong belief and have a correctable spirit. Another time you may search for just how great God is. You may take a year in which you read the Bible as quickly and as many times as you can. You may miss some by swift reading but it can also help to bring things together. If something strikes you in particular on your next reading look where the Scripture deals with this through the whole Bible. You would do well to look at how the church practice actually lines up with God’s commands and how we can get closer to the New Testament model. Look for material that can help those in need of comfort and encouragement. How about how the news is reading just like a book of prophecy. Keep an eye out for Scripture that refutes false doctrine. Look for how God deals with men, women and races. Read from the stand point of a personal love letter from God to you. Do character studies. Look for good verses to memorize. How about practical matters like finance, agriculture or even war tactics. By using variation you can have a more interesting, useful, and profitable time of reading and sweeter fellowship with the Almighty. I hope this is a blessing and help to you.

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