A Word On Monuments

I noticed recently that the statue of Stonewall Jackson was removed from VMI and the statue of General Robert E Lee was removed from the Rotunda. Both of these dastardly deeds were done in the dark of night. Well the Bible says men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. These were two of the most noble men to walk the face of the Earth. Both were great Christians and men who kept their word and refused to stoop to unchivalrious actions even to an enemy that was attacking defenseless women and children. Don’t forget that Mr. Lincoln advocated total war and wanted to ship all people of African descent to another country. Read the Douglas Lincoln debates and see what Mr. Lincoln really thought about the black race. Stonewall Jackson taught a Sunday school class of black students and regularly sent money from the front to see that the class was funded. General Lee admitted that he was just a poor sinner in need of God’s mercy. Their tactics are still studied today and these men are well worth remembering today.

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