Nazi Pays for Black Man’s Funeral

This is a story about a young black man that worked his way up from the poverty of the Great Depression to a hero of America. He broke racial barriers without one riot or the destruction of anyone’s property. He did use violence but it was always in the ring. He was the great boxer Joe Lewis. He always behaved himself as a gentleman both in and out of the ring to make it easier for the next man of his race. He avoided photos that would have him pictured with a white woman and volunteered for the Army during World War II. His most famous fight was with Max Schmelling the champion of Germany. Although not a member nor a sympathizer of the Nazi party politics stuck it’s ugly nose into the sports world and this fight was viewed as a fight between freedom and facism. Max won the first fight but Joe won the second. The war came and both men served their countries. But the war ended and the men who were enemies in the ring and in war became close friends. Joe Lewis came on hard times because of the twin evils of ex-wives and unjust taxation. Added to that over generosity and some bad personal choices he was in a hard way financially. But Max became a successful business man and from time to time sent him aid. When Mr. Lewis died Max helped pay for his funeral and served as a pallbearer. These two men show the world what can be done when by respect, hard work, and common sense, men rise from humble beginnings​and earn a place in history. Proverbs 16:7 When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.

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