1611 Verses 1619

There has lately been much misinformation being propagated​ by socialist front organizations about American history. Americans sometimes remind me of senility when it comes to history. You don’t remember what you had for breakfast but you remember things from your childhood and remember them wrong. Henry Ford said the only history that matters is the history we are making now and that is typical of the American psyche. First you cannot judge the past by today’s standards. 20 years from now a new generation will condemn you the same way the younger generation is condemning mine. In the 1600’s the world universally had slavery. Africa had it, Asia had it the Americas had it and Europe had it. And by the way they all still do, especially Muslims. Twenty three Africans taken from a Spanish ship by privateers were sold in British Virginia, which already had white slaves. But the King James Bible was just beginning to work on men’s hearts. In the Constitution of the United States a deadline was set to end the importation of slaves. The dismantling of the system was well underway before the War of Northern Aggression had begun. Liberia was set up so that freed slaves who wished to return to their home continent could return. Many slaves had obtained their freedom and were successful business men some even owning their own slaves. Of course Reconstruction devastated the Southern economy and the members of all races suffered with it. But over time all people of this country began to rise and the African Americans in the’80s began to rise as the fastest growing segment of the middle class. The Bible says Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Communist and Facist prefer the big lie. Like the so called pandemic that is but a tool to enslaved and regulate the American public. I mean these BLM protests are calling for the destruction of Israel! A people who have suffered as much as any group of people on the Earth! These people are burning American flags and Bibles! Read your Bibles, read true history and pray or it is hello hammer and sickle.

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