Black Souls Matter

Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. On looking into the recent tragic deaths of both black, white, and Hispanic, both police and civilian, that we must come to the root cause. We have been taught evolution and as such a human being is no more than another animal and there is no God who will judge you in the afterlife. In days gone by many people believed that blacks had no souls and therefore treated them brutally. Of course during the same time white trash were treated about the same and the Irish even worse. The same cartoonist who made caricatures of ape like blacks made ape like Irish. But I would like to take a few minutes to look at some truly great Africans of the Bible that God exalted in His Book which is mostly concentrated on the Jewish people. If we had more of the outlook of the God who will one day judge us we might just love our neighbors as ourselves. First read Numbers 12. Moses has an Ethiopian wife. Her father Jethro, the priest of the Midians, just brought her back after God gloriously delivered the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt. Maybe because this priest among the Midians was an Ethiopian they pushed his daughters away at the sheep watering time. But Moses stood up for their rights and eventually married one of the girls. Arron and particularly Miriam objected to this marriage but the Almighty took Moses side.  While Jethro retuned to his home for his final days his family the Kenites went on  as scouts in the wilderness and the Rechabits decended from them.

Look at First Kings 10 and Matthew 12:42. The queen of Sheba, the queen of the South, comes to ask Solomon questions, hard questions, and is overwhelmed by his wisdom, wealth, and majesty. And the Lord Jesus says she will judge unbelieving Jews. And she leaves a legacy on her nation that continues to this day. Look at the couragous Ethiopian eunuch Ebedmelech, who rescued Jeremiah from death, and so helped with the completion of the Scripture. Look in Luke 23:26 and see Simon of Cyrene taken from the crowd to bear the cross of our blessed Lord. Prehaps he was chosen because he was black and the Romans were having enough trouble with the agitated Jewish crowd, and prehaps because this African was somewhat larger that he was picked. His sons would later be important in church history. And of course in Acts 8 we have an example of the lingering influence of the queen of Sheba in another Ethiopian eunuch. God tells Phillip to leave a Samaritan revival and preach to this man as he is reading Isaiah. This man receives Christ as his Saviour, gets baptised, and brings the Gospel to Candace his queen and to his nation. Oh by the way. The Caucasians don’t get preached to until Acts 10, and God has to tell Peter three times to bring the Gospel to Cornelius. So remember to love one another. God gave us all a soul that will one day go to Heaven or Hell, and he made our differences, which makes us interesting.

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