Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts about current events. I notice that the media is giving a lot of attention to a man with no medical background or training about his thoughts on the Corona Virus. On the Fiddler on the Roof in the song If I were a Rich Man he sings that people would be coming to him for advice and it would not matter if he were right or wrong because if you’re rich they think you really know. So Mr. Gates, a billionaire, gets air time about universal inoculation for the virus. I suppose he may have some experience because Microsoft has been fighting viruses for years. Maybe Appears could help him.

Also every dark cloud has a silver lining. Even with gun and ammo sells up there have been no school shootings! I don’t recall any mass shootings since the lock down.

Kudos to barbers and hair stylists for their stand for liberty! It is amazing to me how a profession that earns a living specifically by pleasing people have the gumption to stand up to government over reach.

We also have seen how many children are thriving under the enforced home schooling. Many who need special attention, flexibility of schedule, and freedom from bullying and social stress are doing wonderfully at home. While home schooling isn’t for everyone neither is public or private. Let the state lay off and give more freedom to parents.

Does anyone remember a movie from the’90s where a world ruler called Dr. Wellness forbids any physical contact including kissing? He brings in a cop from the past to fight some criminals because no one knows how to deal with violence. Just kinda sounds like where we are going.

Finally I would like to give a word of thanks to Almighty God. I don’t know anyone who has contacted COVID. No one I directly know has died from it. I still am working, and lots of overtime too. My bills and mortgage are current. Many people are suffering from the current situation and my heart goes out to them. But there is a Good in Heaven that loves you and cares for you, who knows when a sparrow dies and how many hairs are on your head. I hope you got a few laughs and some encouragement. Remember: God is good-all the time.

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