A Word On Protesters

Recently I have been reading about the anti-lockdown protests and the government response to them. In I Kings 12:1-20 the children of Israel come to meet their king with a reasonable request. The King spurns the good advice of the old men and takes the advice of the young and it ends in disaster. Some politicians applaud these protests and others condemn them. What can we learn? Now in context we are given the first amendment right to peacefully ​assemble and address the government for grievances. Some were in horror because these citizens were armed, and had no masks. Yet there was no violence not outbreak of sickness. Let us go back a few years and​ look at another protest with masks and no firearms. In Charlotte NC and several other cities citizens (who had firearms) made various protests only to be met by Antifa and other violent groups. There were no shots fired yet many (including a journalist) were injured by shields, boards, fists, and plastic bottles filled with cement. Who is the Nazi and who is the law abiding patriots? Remember that if freedom of speech is denied to any it is denied to all. If a governor or mayor is frightened by opposition then perhaps they should consider the fact that they have over reached their authority. To be clear I am against violence, but sometimes a message needs to be sent to those in office.

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