Antisocial Distancing

Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much more as ye see the day approaching. I am reminded of the great hymn We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing. How about some of our great patriots? We have nothing to fear but fear itself. We must all hang together or we will all surely hang separately. Is life so sweet or peace so dear to be purchased at the cost of chains and bondage? My spiritual ancestors were publicly whipped for preaching on the streets. Sheriffs road horses into the meeting house and shoved a whip down the pastor’s throat while he was praying. Men met secretly in caves and were smoked out and brutally tortured and killed. In our wonderful country whole congregations joined the fight for liberty so that you and I could peacefully assemble and worship God Almighty without government interference. Now if a church has many elderly and infirmed and chooses to suspend meeting for a short period that is between them and God and is no one else’s business. If a church chooses to continue meeting it is also no one else’s business, especially not the government’s! The Communists in China require the churches to be registered and are even telling them to change the Bible. They told the home churches they could meet online (how sweet to have their permission) and then used it and the COVID-19 ruse to round them up. Are we to follow the communist policy on religion? Are we going to register our church and ask the government for permission to meet during a non-event? Control is the issue not safety. And of all times during a disaster the head of state should be asking for a day of prayer. I served in the Navy during the Cold War. I remember reading about a veteran putting up the hammer and sickle when Obama shoved his unaffordable health bill down our throats. I see a full blown socialist running for office and praising Russian and Chinese dictatorships. I do believe that if you love the Bible and love freedom you are, like me often lifting up your eyes to Heaven and praying with John even so come Lord Jesus. Who will be the head of your church, the state or the Lord?

2 thoughts on “Antisocial Distancing

  1. Joel says:

    The lord commanded “Thou shalt not kill” and Jesus directed us to care for one another. Blatantly defying social distancing and very temporary stay at home orders puts the lives of others, especially our elders, in jeopardy. How are you being a good Shepard to a flock if you would encourage them to endanger their lives or the lives of their loved ones just because you want to make a political point? Your blind hatred for people who disagree with you is not of God. There is a darkness in your soul and God does not favor the wicked. I will pray for your soul daily and that you receive the wisdom and love of God and stop using the Bible as a political weapon. That book is about love, you could use a little more of that.


    • Dear Joel
      Thank you for your response. You make a good point for antisocial distancing. First when Jesus repeats the sixth commandment he further clarifies it as murder in Matthew 19:18. So murder, which involves forethought and hatred is forbidden, not things like self defense or military service. For a healthy person to go about his daily activities, especially earning a living (a command of God), hardly endangers anyone. Do you want these same restrictions every flu season? We must be consistent.
      Next you do not know me, we have never met yet you claim I am full of hatred and darkness. You gave no reference to prove this. You cannot judge a person just because he has a different opinion without actually conversing with him. Too often mean things are said on the internet that would never be said face to face. I am not above criticism and if you would like to give more insight to your allegations I would love to hear back from you.
      In Christ
      Todd Barker


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