Worse than the Corona Virus

There is much in the news about the spread of the Corona Virus. Many say it is under reported others will say that it is sensationalized, like many other so called epidemics. Of course one must remember that more Americans died of Spanish flu than battles during World War 1. But there is a plague killing much more than these in our country that is so prevalent in our nation that it is almost completely ignored, or even promoted by local, state and federal government.

Consider this. Approximately 88,000 people die of alcohol related death every year. Between 2006 to 2010 7,756 murders related to alcohol were committed. 48 per cent drink before a murder and 37 per cent are drunk while committing it. It leads to three million violent crimes a year and is the driving force behind much theft and vandalism. The push to make Canyon Texas wet told me they were saving lives by preventing drunk driving. But in the United States DWI fatalities rose from 10,479 in 2016 to 10,874 in 2017. Note that this is actually less than actual because .08 is legally drunk so if a person is at .07 or .06 it is not necessarily classed as drunk driving. Oh, by the way Texas leads the nation in DWI fatalities. In 2017 there were 1468 drunk driving deaths in our state, California coming in second with 1,120. We also had 2,169 serious injuries, 5841 injuries and 5,666 non incapacitating injuries the same year. Wonder why car insurance keeps going up? And​ liver disease is going through the roof, especially among women! Ladies add to that date rape and rape and domestic violence along with DWI increasing among women and you can see why women spearheaded prohibition.

Booze costs our society more than 249 billion dollars last year. And that doesn’t include things like unpaid bills. This is also a low estimate because often than alcohol equation is not factored or not diagnosed. Remember that the boys in blue daily face violent attack from those possessed by this spirit. Emergency crews are kept quite busy tending to these self created problems.

The legal system has gone after tobacco to subsidize the health system because of the effect which it has on sickness. Why does booze get off Scot free? Booze has historically low taxes yet causes so much devastation. The booze industry should pay for every funeral from a DWI. They should shoulder the financial burden of a family that looses it’s breadwinner. Best of all it should be boycotted and run out of our country and replaced with honest business.

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