King James’ Solution for Political Division

We live in a day when people feel they must force their beliefs on other sections of the nation without regard to due process, majority vote, or constitutional freedoms​ of the minority. Instead of the feeling of you win some you lose some, or he is my opponent not my enemy, we have rabid hatred and venom coming, ironically, from the mouths of those making hate crime legislation!

King James the First of England and VI of Scotland had a similar problem with his Scottish nobles. So he had all of them parade through the streets holding the hands of their political enemies. What a sight! Could you imagine the speaker of the house and the president of the Senate holding hands with all Democrats and Republicans​ following marching down Pennsylvania Avenue! You could probably get Super Bowl prices for those tickets and pay off the national debt.

King James had another stroke of genius, or in this case inspiration. The Puritans​ came asking for a new translation of the Bible sighting mistakes in the current one, the Bishop’s Bible. The Episcopal wing quite naturally distrusted them because of some notes in the Geneva Bible. Those of you that try to say that King James forced a new Bible on the British people to replace the Geneva take note that it was the Geneva proponents that asked for the new translation! Read history and quit using lies to sell a book. So King James authorized a new translation in accordance with their request but…… He made both sides work on it together. He set up certain rules and safe guards to insure that no private agenda was introduced and that the translation was true to the original. These magnificent translators and word smiths produced a perfect, beautiful, and majestic translation. None has been before and none will be after. It is so wonderful to know that when you have the King James Bible in your hands you have the perfect word of God and can rest your soul upon it’s truth.

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