A Song of Calvary

He died upon a Roman cross                                    As many died before      A Roman spear then pierced His side                 And thus His blood was poured                                 But oh behold His graciousness His mercy and His love                         It was no common thief who died                              But Jesus from above.        He suffered grief and agony                                     He bore such awful shame                                  As they mocked and spit on Him                                   And vilified His name.      But hear His voice, Father forgive they know not what they do.                 This grace He showed His enemies He offers now to you.

  His blood flowed from His nail scared hands.        The very blood of God.      And as the world showed forth it’s hate.     His tears flowed down in love.                                         His blood has washed away my sin.                         I feel it in my soul.              O let me shed a tear with thee for those who do not know.

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