The First and Last Prayer for this Age

This age of the Church which we live in is known as the Laodicean church age. In the book of Revelation there are seven churches mentioned which correspond to seven literal churches, seven church types, seven kinds of Christians, and, if you study church history, seven church ages. The last church is Laodicea. In chapter 4 a voice says Come up hither and the Church is not mentioned again until Revelation 22. So the Laodicean church age is the last one before the rapture of the Church. What is this age like? Revelation 3:17 says I am rich, and increased​with goods, and have need of nothing. So it is a rich and materialistic church that would rather have the power of gold on it than the power of God! The command Jesus gives this church is be zealous therefore and repent. In a day and age when the news reads like Bible prophecy, and the blessed hope of Christ’s soon return (no date given!) Is immanent how should we pray? After addressing and thanking God Almighty the first thing to ask is to be freed from the love of money. Remember the love of money is the root of ALL evil. What should we pray for last? The same as the last prayer of John… Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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