Will the Real Saint Patrick Please Stand Up

Next Sunday will be the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day and there will be more time spent on Irish culture and music and drinking green beer and drowning the shamrock in a glass of whiskey than any consideration of the great man behind the day. And those who do consider him make him into some one he is not through revised history used as propaganda to sway a population from true Christianity.

First Patrick was not Roman Catholic. He was part of the Celtic Church of the then Celtic Britian. Remember that the only history you can trust without much study and confirmation from other sources is his Confession and the Letter to Coroticus, written by his own hand. The Confession was written to defend his ministry to the Irish. If he had received a commission from the Pope don’t you think he would have mentioned that as proof of his legitimacy to preach there? There are many commissions in the Vatican records of the time but none for Patrick. Given his success wouldn’t this be carefully preserved and show cased? No, Patrick appeals to a vision and command from God Almighty and the subsequent fruits of his ministry, especially the baptism of adults!

Next consider that his grandfather was a priest. Celibacy was not even a requirement in the Roman church of the time but this shows a church of a different sort than the current Roman one. This is something to keep in mind seeing the current scandals that are rocking that establishment. Bede even says that the Irish monks of his time were married!  This shows that the monasteries started from Patrick’s time were actually communities started to protect the early converts from pagan influence and violence.

Patrick was taken as a lad by Irish pirates and sold into slavery. While tending sheep this back slidden youth came back to the God of his upbringing and prayed to Him as often as 100 times a day. After a miraculous escape and return to his family Almighty God called him to return to Ireland. Without blood shed he preached the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and baptised by immersion those who willingly accepted Christ as their Saviour. His writings are replete with scripture and the humility of this great man shines through.

So the confusion comes from this. A man named Pallidus did get a commission from the Pope but his mission was a tremendous failure, mostly because of his arrogance. So when the Norman English invaded Ireland, with the Pope’s permission, they lifted Pallidus’ commission and added it to Patrick’s name and add a number of made up miracles to make a fictional book to bring the Irish to the Roman fold. I hope this will lead you to your own research. Patrick’s writings are available on the net for free and are short works that can be read in less than an hour by an average reader. These works are truly inspiring.



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