The Consolations of God

My Dad recently passed away and I had the privilege of officiating his funeral. He had 6 children and many grandchildren. This funeral was different from many I have seen in that, while there were tears no one lost control. I have heard of some funerals where the family members had to be tranquilized to get through this time of sorrow. I Thessalonians 4:13 says that ye sorrow not, as others which have no hope. We knew my Dad had trusted Christ as his Saviour and was going to a better place. We believe in the resurrection of the Dead. Also my Dad was not the rock of my family, nor was my Mom who has also passed away. No other member is the rock of the family. We were taught early to make Jesus Christ the Rock of our faith and family. While I do not wish to belittle anyone’s feelings of grief and loss I do urge you to get an Anchor before the storms of life come crashing in on your soul. With a firm foundation on the Scripture and Almighty God you can, with the help of God and the brethren, sail through the troubled seas of life.

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