Guy Fawks

Yesterday, November the Fifth we celebrated Guy Fawks Day by burning him in effigy. Who was he? He was a conspirator who wished to force Roman Catholicism upon a Bible believing people. The King he sought to destroy, along with the Parliament and lords was King James. This King is of note for he ended the execution of people for religion in Britian. He also is of note for authorising the translation of the Bible that bears his name. This was the beginning of soul liberty, that a man could worship God according to the dictates of his heart not by force of legislation. If England had been taken over by the Roman church at this point the freedoms we now enjoy would have never come to pass. The Bible would still be locked away from the people and we would still be in Papal darkness. Take some time to read up on the gunpowder plot and it will do you and your children some good.


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