I recently listened to a preacher from the Philippines present his work to our sending church. Brother Bornales is 62 and his father had vivid memories of the Japanese occupation of World War 2. He reminds his people often to be thankful for the American liberation of the islands. He remembers the night he listened to an American missionary preach a salvation message that led to his conversation. He prays for our nation three times a day because he appreciates the things our nation has done for them. My memory went back to some port calls my ship made to Subic Bay. There is a church there called Bible Baptist that welcomed me in. As soon as I sat down a man sat next to me and befriended me and made sure to let me know that I was welcome. The pastor invited me to lunch and we shared testimonies. I came to port a few other times and he always remembered me. He even sent me a letter, typed on an old fashioned manual typewriter. The members were very friendly and hospitable and my fondest memories of West Pac are those short visits. I have decided to pray for the Philippines three times a day like those dear people pray for us. And I look forward to the day when I will unite with them in heaven where there is no parting and be able to thank them for all they meant to a homesick sailor and Christian in need of fellowship.

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