I f You Love the Bill of Rights Thank a Baptist

Today is Constitution day! Madison is known as the father of the Constitution and it took him a long time to get the nation on board with it. One of the opponents of the Constitution were people from his home state of Virginia. A Baptist preacher,Elder Leland, was going to run against him because he did not feel that the Constitution in the form written garenteed personal freedoms sufficiently. Madison met with Leland in Orange county at a place still commemerated by the state of Virginia to discuss the upcoming election. Elder Leland agreed to drop out of the race when Mr. Madison gave his word that he would see to it that a Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution. Back in those days politicians kept their word and Madison added the amendments similar to those the Baptist had won in Virginia, helped by men like Patrick Henry. The rest is history and now you may enjoy the wonderful freedoms of speech,press, peaceful assembly, religion,and can keep and bear arms etc. Thanks be to God for men of courage and conviction who wanted freedom not for themselves only, but for all men that all might enjoy freedom of conscience.

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