I have recently had conversations with some men as I was street preaching concerning Bible doctrine. As I began quoting Scripture they asked what about the Greek? As I explained that the King James Authorized Version of 1611 is a perfect and inerrant translation both these men went to the Hebrew on something they said was different from the English. I looked these words up in a lexicon and found that these young men had been sold a bill of goods and that the King James was right. So it occurred to me that if the Greek and Hebrew are so important to understanding the Bible then why do most native Greek speakers reject the Scriptural salvation of faith and follow a religion of works and rituals? Why do most native Hebrew speakers reject Jesus as the Christ? Why do sinners hid behind these languages to justify their sin? If I take a King James and show it to a child and explain that it is the very word of God and show him the verses on salvation they almost always will believe and receive Christ as their Saviour. Let me show an adult who believes that the Bible I have in my hands is God’s Word and he will forsake sin. Confuse a person with the Greek and Hebrew and he will remain in darkness. Remember that God is not the author of confusion, and where the word of a King is there is power. My final authority is the simple English found in the King James Authorized Version of 1611. I can hold it in my hands I can read it with my eyes and can go to it’s author Almighty God for understanding. Where is your final authority?

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