St . Patrick did not drink green beer and Jesus did not drink fermented wine

On the 17th many people were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Of course the Patrick they were thinking of was a recreation of a true saint reinvented in Roman Catholic clothing. In Patrick’s writings he makes no mention of the pope or snakes or lighting a Paschal fire. He does mention the Gospel, frequently quotes Scripture, baptising adult believers and fighting sin. So why do people want to celebrate his life by drinking green (and regular) beer or drowning the shamrock in a glass of whiskey? In an earlier post I proved from the Scripture that Jesus never drank booze and no one has tried to refute it. I will now stand up for the true Patrick who would have preached against all the boozing and debachary that goes on in his name.

  If you want to know the true Patrick it can only be found in his writings, the Confession and Letter to Coroticus. The later writings were an attempt to bring the Celtic church under the sway of the Roman church, accomplished by the Norman English invasion. So put down the bottle and pick up the Bible, push away tradition and do some research, pray and seek God’s face, and oh what a difference it will make!

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