Behind The Times

In the Amarillo Globe News January 21, 2018 page A6 an article gives the recommendations of National Academy of Sciences Engineering and Medicine to help reduce drunk driving fatalities. Among these are lowering the blood alcohol limit, increasing the alcohol tax, and making alcohol less convenient by limiting hours days it can be sold. As I have stated before the CDC also recommend limiting outlets where booze can be obtained. Any honest person knows that there is no such thing as responsible drinking for, as the Bible says, wine deceives. So Texas is behind the times because the voters of this state are increasing access to this form of legal dope yet not increasing the tax to cover the cost of its damage to our communities which far exceeds tax revenue. And now Canyon has changed zoning so that tattoo parlors and smoke lounges can come in. Of course soon marijuana will be legalized and who knows what next from a generation of mind numbed voters.

   Also the news reported a record long drought of 107 days and counting. At Anchor of Hope we have always said When the County Votes Wet God Votes Dry. Look at the history and learn. Right before the local option elections there is an abundance of rain to show God’s blessings and then the rain is restrained to show His displeasure. In conclusion- repent. Avoid as much as possible places that sell booze and work to give booze the boot!

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