Much has been said about the athletes refusing to honor the American flag so I thought I would throw in my two bits. I my father and several relatives have served under that flag, I in the United States Navy. While the America of today is much different that the America I enlisted in it is still my country.

     Once my daughter was preforming at the old high school here in Canyon for a Christmas production. The very last thing they did was take a large V.A. American flag and unroll it over their heads which took up the entire gym floor. As they started to unroll Old Glory I immediately stood to my feet . I didn’t see anyone else do it and felt a little uncomfortable standing alone but since it was the right thing to do I remained standing. Soon I saw people across the gym begin to stand then people next to me til all who could stand were standing.

After the performance my daughter told me I was the first to stand up. Then she said “See Daddy you made a difference.” And that is what I still want to do. Even if I stand alone for the King James Bible of 1611, even if I stand alone against Liquor, even if I stand alone on Bible doctrine, even if I street preach alone I want to stand to the end and make a difference. Success in this world means nothing. I don’t care what others think of me for I know what they think of my Lord. The only thing that is important is “Well done thou good and faithful servant. 

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