As we approach another election on the local option I would like to remind voters of the failure of the 21st amendment. Most people have heard that prohibition was a failure but history does not bear that out. With the exception of 4 heavy population centers crime went down during prohibition, and the crime increase is attributed to illegal EUROPEAN immigration. Banks in cities were opened as saloons closed down. Both alcohol induced psychosis and cirrhosis of the liver decreased. Cities were able to sell their jails and divorce and domestic abuse decreased. It is to be remembered that the reason the 18th amendment was introduced was because of the unbelievable drinking rate of the time. Only recently has the United States returned to the pre-Prohibition rate and America has a lower drinking rate than Europe. Thomas Edison testified before congress that after Prohibition was passed his employee’s wives no longer came to him asking for an advance on the paycheck because their husbands now took the whole check home instead of to a bar.

Now let us look at the 21st which repealed the 18th. 88,000 deaths per year because of alcohol and many times more than that in injuries like falling off of ladders. Children either go hungry or depend on tax payers to feed them while their parents go to the liquor store. Domestic violence, rape. and divorce and plain old shacking up and splitting up, single parenting have skyrocketed. And of course since the youth see the hypocrisy of their parents, now calls are being made for the legalization of  street dope.  Cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, alcohol induced psychosis, cirrhosis of the liver, overflow hospitals and mental wards. And the tax revenues are far less than the tax expenditures that are made to answer these problems. The CDC recommends as a help to decrease these problems to lessen the density of alcohol outlets. But God has a better plan, Look not upon the wine when it is red. Be not among winebibbers. Be not drunk with wine. Vote no to booze and Vote no to the Devil. Glorify God by turning out to vote no. Even if the election is lost to us that vote will be registered in Heaven with a well done at the judgment seat. Thank you for your time ad attention and your no vote.

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