The Bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” We were at the Amarillo Craft Beer Festival to preach against it and to give people helpful literature to warn them of the sin and effects of alcohol. As my 7 year old son began to preach one of the participants turned around and said “You have little kids doing that?”. Many people have objected to us having our children out there saying that the little ones could not understand the issues going on. I would like to answer these assertions.

First of all if I do not teach my children to do what is right the world will certainly teach them to do what is wrong. I see people bring their children into bars. If I follow the same reasoning that is put before why aren’t these parents brought to task for taking their children into a place that they do not yet have the wisdom to understand the issue? Many parents also give alcohol to their children before they can decide whether it is right or wrong, some put it in their baby bottles. This is known as a double standard or just old fashioned hypocrisy. Also, why can’t a young child understand the issue? It is quite simple after all. There is a Creator, Jehovah God, who gave us His Word the Bible. The Bible warns of God’s punishments for sin and recreational use of booze is sin. God tells us that are saved to “preach the word” and “lift up your voice as a trumpet”. It is quite a bit more simple than the concept of patriotism and at the 4th of July parade I saw many youngsters waving American flags.  It is just as much right to teach children to preach the Bible as it is to teach them to love their country, and the Bible and God will be around long after our country has gone the way of the Roman Empire.

Also I spoke to a young lady who professed atheism. She said that she believed everyone had a moral code in their hearts. I put forth the thought to her that the moral code had to come from somewhere and that God is the final authority in morals, as some people have demented and corrupt morals. I would like to add this thought. Even if it could be right that everyone naturally has morals and they can trust them, surely after a couple of drinks of booze the inhibitions and judgment sectors of the brain shut off then no set of morals matter. Remember that the Bible says “A fool trusteth in his own heart.’ Put down the bottle and pick up the Bible

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