Deuteronomy 32:17 They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up, whom your fathers feared not.

Often in our country things that start out as a pastime eventually become a religion. Take sports for instance. Many a man who will not go to church Sunday will be excited about a football game he is watching. He will yell and shout (behavior he deems fanatical in a church service) and will become physically aggressive against anyone who criticizes his favorite team. He can name all the players but can’t name the 12 apostles. Look at rock and roll music. No one can deny that the music rose to religious status under Elvis Presley and don’t forget that the wicked group called the Beatles popularized Krishna worship as well as pot smoking in the United States.

Thus it is with craft beer. Beer drinkers suffer from an inferiority complex because beer has none of the sophistication of wine, brandy and so forth while it is equally as sinful. So the micro-brewery phenomenon started and the history, culture, science, and variations of these brews has fascinated our country. No longer is beer something strictly associated with rednecks and college frat binges, but is somehow more respectable now.

But not only has it arisen in status but in spirituality. Just look at the names, Big Bad Baptist, and Naked Nun just to name a couple. I recently read a post that invoked the name of craft beer and ended his prayer to his trinity, hops, yeast and malt. And the anger that comes from having their god called sin is an emotion that comes of having your religion slurred.

But who is the real god behind the bottle? The ancient Romans worshipped Bacchus, the god of intoxicating beverages. Many so-called Christians that say Jesus made fermented wine at the wedding of Cana confuse Christ with Bacchus. Please see my blog on Jesus never drank booze. The Sumerians had a female god who showed them how to brew. But these are just faces to the real power behind the throne. Look back at the text verse.  They sacrificed to devils not God. The Japanese have a pizza pub that makes Devil’s Craft beer and offered to send it here except that Texas law makes it too complicated. There is a craft whiskey that is called Devil’s River, and a whiskey called Devil’s Cut. There is a regular beer called Occultos (the occult) and other names invoking Satan, sin, witchcraft, and blasphemy.

But thanks be to God that even though booze enslaves Jesus saves! You can be freed from the sin through the power of Jesus to save you from hell and Jesus’ power to break the bonds of this and every other sin. Won’t you repent? Won’t you turn from sin to Christ. It is your choice, Heaven or Hell, Christ or Satan. And Christ awaits with his arms wide open to receive the sinner who repents.

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