They crowned Him with glory in heaven on high

His brightness exceeding the sun in the sky

But when it came time for our sins to be borne

Mankind crowned His head with sharp thorns.

They gave Him a crown of silver and gold

Encrusted with jewels, their number untold

But after his back with a whip had been torn

Man chose to crown him with thorns.

Crowned with majesty, encircled with praise

Hailed as Almighty, the Ancient of Days!

He came to earth and to sinners forlorn

They crowned Him with spit and with thorns.

He died on that cross, thus His blood was shed,

But He rose a victor, He arose from the dead!

Forevermore at God’s right hand sat down

No longer with thorns for a crown.

Soon Christ will come back the last battle to fight

To destroy the wicked to establish the right

A sword, a white horse, and a vesture of red,

An crown upon crown on His head!

Todd Barker




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