The Root of the Matter

When we have problems in life the best way to solve them is to determine the root cause. Where I work they have “root cause analysis”. Once the cause is determined the solution can be made. The Bible tells us the root cause of evil-For the love of money is the root of all evil” I Timothy 6:10. When the United States decided to repeal the 18th amendment (the one making America dry) the appeal was that it would create jobs and end the depression. Of course the other nations of this world who had liquor had the depression too. Today the same argument is made, it will increase revenue and lower taxes. My city tried it and taxes and the price of groceries went up. Crime went up. The spirit of the city has soured. If you look up statistics you find that the cost to the state of Texas from alcohol is greater than the revenues. And no amount of revenue makes up for the lives lost, people imprisoned, families broken, and souls damned to hell because of this most abused drug in our country. Why does the same entity that taxes and licenses this horrid substance punish the same citizens that use it? Why will people vote this in when only a few distributers profit from it? Because of the love of money. Peter said thy money perish with thee. That money that you gain from liquor will be a witness against you in the great judgment day when you face, not a preacher, but Almighty God. Repent before it is too late

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