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  1. Raymond Fancher says:

    RE; Drinking

    Offered for your consideration. Would it not be better to meet people where they are , instead of where you are. Don’t throw up the bible or biblical language out the gate.

    Offer people reasons , such as we are Christians, and we care about what happens to you and your family, (We are Christians you shall know us by our love, how we respond to people out of genuine concern for what drinking does to a marriage, job, children) concern not dogma.

    Second offer them an alternative to a drinking life style

    Let people know that if they have a problem they can come and talk to you. You might have to get yours hand dirty to minister to people.

    Third don’t demonize what other people do. It is only important what you do.

    Fourth if people want to drink you will be their for them, but urge them to be responsible for the sake of the community and families.

    Fifth: Don’t put the cart before the horse. Lead people gently, once they see you
    really care then share what it is that brings hope and joy to your life, Care first, religion second.

    Gentle, genuine caring may be better then demonizing. When you demonize people for what they do all engagement ends. People don’t respond to Dogma, they respond to other people.

    We often here in our society that people saying I am spiritual and not religious.
    Well, think about that for a moment. Religion often does not show a caring, loving face. If you want to minister to your community don’t set your self up as somehow morally superior. Meet people where they are and gently lead them into dicipleship. It is a a lifetime process not a one tome event.



    • Dear Mr. Francher,
      Thank you for your input. However you must realize that Christianity is all about the Bible. If any man speak let him speak as the oracles of God. I Peter 4:11. Also the whole tone of your message is inconsistent with the language and sense of the Scriptures. Jesus and John the Baptist and the Apostle Paul were very blunt and forthright when addressing sinners and the religious lost. Mankind must know that sin is sin and that they have offended the Holy God and that if they do not get right with God through Jesus Christ they will suffer an eternity in Hell. We do show that we care by giving food to the unfortunate and other things as our limited budget allows. We also listen to the people that talk to us, and always put the authority of the Scriptures (the King James Bible of 1611) before our own opinion. Like God told Ezekiel we must cry aloud and spare not and show people their sins while shedding tears Like the prophet Jeremiah. I received Christ as my Saviour by Hellfire and Damnation preaching from a straight shooter, a manly man, and I believe that that is the way God intends for me to continue my ministry. Once again thank you for your input and allowing me to explain my position.
      In Christ,
      Brother Barker


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